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openbiblio installation

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Software requirements


Windows XP

OpenBiblio 0.6.1

XAMPP-win32 Lite

Firefox browser


XAMPP installation


a). Download XAMPP Lite version for Windows.

b). Double clik on the .exe file and start installation.

c). You can agree with the default values (e.g. install location) while installation. Default installation location is C:/ drive.


You can find XAMPP icon on task bar after the installation.

Double clik on it and start Apache and MySQL services.


Download OpenBiblio source file and extract into C:\xampp\htdocs directory.



Database creation


1. Start XAMP Control Panel from task bar.

2. Click on Admin button against MySQL. It will open PHPMyAdmin in web browser window.

3. Enter database name and click on Create button.




4. Create an OpenBiblio database user.

a). Click on SQL option from the same screen.

b). Enter the following command in the SQL command box .


grant all privileges on OpenBiblio.* to obiblio_user@localhost identified by 'obiblio_password';


c). Substituting obiblio_user and obiblio_password with the userid and password of your choice. 

d). Click on Go button to execute the command.



5. Edit the database_constants.php file (located in the main openbiblio directory) with the text editor of your choice. Change the username and password to match the new MySQL user and password that you created in the previous steps. Save and close the file.



6. Run the OpenBiblio installer.

Open following link in your web browser, http://localhost/openbiblio/install/index.php



Login into Open Biblio, login details are

Username: admin

Password: admin


Following is the main page of OpenBiblio.




7. Remove the openbiblio/install directory completely to prevent unauthorized use of install or upgrade tools.

8. Book mark the openbiblio link http://localhost/openbiblio/

8. You can access the openbiblio opac from http://localhost/openbiblio/opac/index.php


For documentation and other details of OpenBiblio available from http://obiblio.sourceforge.net




How to set MySQL root password in XAMPP?


Open the URL in a browser, http://localhost/security/index.php and set root password.



Please inform your comments regarding this documentation to  vimal0212 at gmail.com


Vimal Kumar V. Asst. Librarian, Asian School of Business, Technopark, Trivandrum-695 581
This document is licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.


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